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  • SOL Thermal Insulation Covers manufactures removable and reusable insulation blankets for engine powered equipment, engine exhaust manifolds, turbochargers, generators and co-gen power systems.

  • Our field services team also provides installation for all of our flexible reusable removable insulation covers. We also offer metal Identification tags that correspond to the cover serial number which makes reapplying covers fast and easy. Tags are affixed to the equipment via crimped steel cable.

  • SOL has an experienced field services team that specializes in measuring all standard equipment and as well as completely custom designs for flexible removable insulation covers / Blankets. We are equipped with all the necessary safety training required for the live site atmosphere.

  • SOL Thermal Insulation Covers is an industry leader in manufacturing high temperature flexible removable resusable insulation blankets / covers for petrochemical and commercial / industrial piping systems, for maintenance work, and also medium to large construction projects. Valves and Exhausts

  • SOL Thermal's High Temperature Insulation Gallery of Flexible Reusable Insulation Covers Blankets Jackets.

  • Standard aswell as custom sized insulated pads for draft control and or temperary personal protection. Industrial and commercial applications. Ideal for temperature control on batch ovens and autoclaves

  • Custom manufactured insulated pallet covers are used to maintain the temperature of temperature controlled goods like refrigerated or frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, and produce. The corners of the covers are Velcro which makes it possible to fold the four insulated sides up for inspection or order picking. Clear identification pouches are built in for identification and shipping documentation.

  • SOL Thermal's High Temperature Insulation Products & Services Custom Insulation Covers / Blankets / Jackets for any application Valves Exhausts Oil field projects no job is to large or to small. Sol thermal insulation covers also manufactures insulated pads, insulated covers , weather barriers.

  • From small to large projects, we can cover your needs. We are able to work with you to determine the best course of action with your project. We have team members that have worked with big construction projects as well as small maintenance shut downs, being based out of Alberta Edmonton area makes it very easy for use to reach any projects threw Alberta in a timely manner.

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  • Installing a removable Sol Thermal Cover has the following cost savings benefits: Sol Thermal insulation covers are designed to meet your specific needs. Materials are selected that will provide optimum performance without losing sight that budgets play an important role when determining the best solutions

  • Edmonton Alberta based manufacture of custom high temperature flexible reusable removable insulation covers for petrochemical and commercial / industrial piping systems, for maintenance work, and also medium to large construction projects. We manufacture and supply Insulated covers, insulated pads, weather barriers, industrial textile covers, acoustic covers, tracer wrap, exhaust system covers, and air make up systems

  • Tracer Wrap is an easy, quick, and effective way to insulate small bore piping and glycol/steam tracing. Tracer Wrap is manufactured in 20 ft. length rolls with hook and loop fasteners. This simple but effective design allows for quick and easy installation. Tracer Wrap is extremely useful on steam and glycol stations where jump over unions need to be accessed frequently.

  • Protects your companies air conditioning units against the elements and reduces corrosion and wear. The heavy-duty, all-weather vinyl cover will ensure your investment stays protected against the snow, rain and dead leaves that can shorten its lifespan. Elastic strap is Incorporated for fastening. Available in different custom sizes and pricing

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